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Finding the Right House Plan

Choosing a House Plan

Here are some tips to help you locate just the right house plan for your new custom home building project:

  1. Be a little loose in setting your square footage in the search form so that you see more options. Most house plans can be customized to further fit your needs.
  2. Therefore, if you think 2,500 square feet is the perfect size for your next home, add a little extra square footage below and above your perfect size when doing a search.
  3. Choose your number of floors, bathrooms and bedrooms in the search parameter for house plans. You can also select width and depth, garage bays, and other parameters.
  4. You can also select your home style that fits your needs and design choice. We offer a variety of house plan styles, some of which can actually fit several styles. Be sure to look at other styles you hadn't thought about, maybe you will find a good fit in a house plan style you never thought about.
  5. Remember that most house plans can be modified to fit your needs, so the scope of what you enter into the search can be a little wider.
  6. Call us for assistance to find your perfect house plan or get assistance with our website.
  7. Our friendly house plan staff can help you through email or by calling 1-844-506-7985.