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About Our Plans

Before purchasing house plans

When purchasing house plans online, understand that some home plan firms offer plans which may lack the necessary information required to erect the home safely. The Elegant House Plans Collection represents only the finest plans from seasoned designers and members of the AIBD and RDoG.

Building drawings are essential to guarantee that your new home is erected using the best structural materials and building methods. Elegant House Plans has a higher standard approval policy going above and beyond other house plan websites.

Building Sections and Code Compliance

Plans offered on Elegant House Plans meet current IRC standards. The typical construction plan sets include:

  • Architectural Building Section / Wall Section & typical details per I.R.C.
  • Some roof truss or floor truss data per supplier
  • For stick frame homes, rafter sizes and bearing points for snow loads. Roof members may need to be resized for your specific snow loads
  • All Elegant House Plans conform to the International Residential Code (IRC)*. Confirm requirements locally. Most building departments have an online check list.
  • All Floor Plans to 1/4" or 1/8" scale
  • Roof Schematic Plan
  • 4 Elevations to 1/4" or 1/8" scale
  • Building Section & Wall Section per I.R.C. Architectural Details, Exterior & Interior
  • Electrical Schematic Plans

What is typically not included:

  • Material Lists
  • Full Structural or Engineering Stamp
  • Shop Drawing

Engineering/State Stamp

For some locations, it may be necessary to follow a few more steps to insure your house plans are in compliance with your particular local codes. Some areas of North America will incur additional engineering requirements. Because of this, the need to use a State licensed structural engineer to examine the design to add more drawings and calculations to meet your local codes, such as:

  • Areas subject to earthquakes such as California and the West Coast
  • Areas subject to hurricanes such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas or high elevations
  • Additional codes of the Atlantic Coast, North and South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois
  • Areas with heavy snow loads

Before beginning, it is a good idea to check with your local building department about the items they require to obtain a building permit.

Stock house plans will not have a professional stamp attached. If your region, your building department may require a stamp from a professional architect or engineer licensed in your state state. You can then have your local engineer or architect review and stamp the house plan. If you plan to build in Nevada, house plans must be drawn by a licensed Nevada architect.

Site Plans for Foundations

Please note that our foundation plans are for generic conditions rather than a specific site. Before you build, soil samples should be taken at your building site by a local soil testing laboratory. Based upon the recommendations of the soil testing laboratory after testing, your foundation may need to be modified by a local structural engineer.

Site Plans for Septic

You may need a site plan that showing exactly where the house you want to build will be located on the building lot. Your specific home builder or surveyor can provide this.

Unless your lot is served by a sanitary sewer system, you may be required to provide a septic design. Also, energy codes may need to be followed. You will need to provide a form with documentation showing house plans are in compliance.

Builders, Contractors & Material Suppliers

Our team can often assist you with preferred quality recommendations for these services or providers..

Our Return Policy

Check with us if you are purchasing a house plan by shipped hard copy for that specific Designer's return policy. All sales on electronic and reproducible house plans and customization/modifications are final.

On Designs

Designers are available to field questions on designs. We make every attempt to keep plan sets up to current codes. We are not liable for errors/omissions, pricing, engineering, shop drawings or site specific lot requirements.

More Information

If you need more information or want to get pricing on obtaining an engineering stamp, modification estimates or design assistance from our house plan designers, email us or call our toll free number 1-844-506-7958. We're happy to assist you.