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About Modifications

House Plans Modifications and Customizations for our Floor Plans

Online House Design Modifications Our associated architects and home designers have created floor plans and house plans that have in turn been built all over the world. A large number of these homes built were custom homes built from the plans shown on this website. It is common, when building a home, that one would want to make changes to the floor plan. That is why we offer a path to customization of each house plan with the work to be performed by it's specific house designer. Listed below is some information that may help you to customize your plan. We remind you that the purchase of a house plan from Elegant House Plans entitles you to build one home from this plan.

Digital House Plans by PDF

Many of our house designers prefer to deliver their house plans digitally. This gives you the opportunity to print many copies to give to your contractor or subs, or have a local contractor make changes if necessary.

Reverse House Plans

Want to flip the design? Just click Reverse Plans on the plan you are ordering! Reverse house plans are available from all of the designers shown on our website. Some designers offer fully reversed plans, however, many times the lettering will be reversed. If you know you want a reversed plan, contact us to get the details of reversal plans for the particular plan you are interested in.

Bond Blueprints

The industry standard has always been the regular bond paper blueprint which is actually white paper with blue or black ink. Simple changes or notations can be made on the side with pen or pencil.

Making change notations on the blueprint is good for minor changes such as:

  • moving interior walls that are not structural
  • changing the type of products or fixtures to be used, or layout changes
  • moving windows or doors
  • extending a wall
  • changing ceiling styles
  • other minor changes

Some changes need to be done by your licensed contractor who knows the local codes. Since plans may not be photocopied make sure to order enough sets - usually at least 8 - so each can be noted with the proposed changes. A red-line set is acceptable for contracts, most lending institutions and most building departments. If you are building in very high wind zones or flood plains zones where local engineering is required red-lining may be unacceptable.

Ordering Reproducible House Plans

Some of our associated Designers offer Reproducible House Plans. This reproducible house plan allows your architect or draftsman to easily make more extensive changes to the house plan. Local codes may call for changes to your house plan that are better done with a Reproducible Plan rather than a standard House Plan on bond. Samples of design changes are:

  • increasing the size of the house
  • adding additional rooms
  • changing the roof pitch
  • changes to the elevation
  • changes to the interior
  • changes due to local codes

Your Reproducible House Plan can be modified by your local contractor or house designer. You can then make new copies at any copy shop.

CAD Files if Offered

Electronic CAD files that contain all the working drawings of the house plan may be available. Check with us if that is your preference.

Modifying and Customizing Home Plans

If you find a house plan on our website that you like, but would like to have some changes made, contact us for a free quote. If you agree with the quote for the changes, you will then purchase the house plan on our site and pay for the house plan. Once the plan is paid, the actual house plan designer will contact you about making the modifications your requested. He will invoice you separately through his own company, supply you with his contact info, and give you the terms of payment. You will pay the designer directly for the cost of the modifications. The designer will make the changes and provide you the files by the method you chose on our website.